Mother of course experienced this huge change in person. It is a pity that when I lived with my mother, I was only a few years old and told me that I did not understand. Therefore, this time our house suddenly rose and fell suddenly, just like a flash in the pan, and I still don't fully understand it. This mystery will probably become an eternal mystery.In any case, our family has returned to the former situation of poverty. Later, people heard that our family had only half an acre of land. How did this half acre of land come from? I don't know. A family of three lives on this half acre. Of course, the nine uncles in the city will still be able to help, but things like the Zhonghubei Flood Awards are not rare once in a lifetime. Uncle Jiu didn't have much money to help his brother.How do I live at home, I am too young to say clearly. Anyway, I eat terribly, I understand this. According to the standards at the time, eating "white" (mean wheat noodles) was the highest, followed by millet noodles or stick noodles, and red sorghum cakes, the color of which was red, like pork liver. "White" has nothing to do with our family. "Yellow" (millet noodles or stick noodle cakes are all yellow in color) is not very close to us. Those who are all day long are only "red". This "red" is bitter and astringent, it is really difficult to swallow. But not eating and being hungry, I really talk a little bit about the "red" color change.