My permanent regret is: I should not leave my hometown and leave my mother.I was born in an extremely poor village in northwestern Shandong. Our family is poor and poor. It can really be said that there is no place for poverty. During the ten-year catastrophe, I jumped out against Peking University's retroactive but hot "Lafayette". She was regarded as a nail in my eyes, and I wanted to get rid of it soon. The little heroes under her had twice rushed to my hometown, deliberately "beating" me into a landlord, and their kind of teacher-scaffolding, who was fierce and fierce, did not scare my folks. A friend from my childhood pointed to their noses and said aloud: "If the whole Guanzhuang is to complain, the Ji Xianlin family is the first!"This sentence is not exaggerated, he said the truth. My grandparents died prematurely, leaving my father and three other brothers in desperation and helplessness. The youngest uncle gave away. My father and Uncle Ji were so hungry that they had to go to the jujube forest of someone else's house to pick up the dried jujubes that had fallen to the ground. This is certainly not a long-term solution. In the end, the brothers were forced to leave their homes and went to Jinan blindly to make a living. At this time they are only a dozen or twenty years old.