How do I live at home, I am too young to say clearly. Anyway, I eat terribly, I understand this. According to the standards at the time, eating "white" (mean wheat noodles) was the highest, followed by millet noodles or stick noodles, and red sorghum cakes, the color of which was red, like pork liver. "White" has nothing to do with our family. "Yellow" (millet noodles or stick noodle cakes are all yellow in color) is not very close to us. Those who are all day long are only "red". This "red" is bitter and astringent, it is really difficult to swallow. But not eating and being hungry, I really talk a little bit about the "red" color change.However, children also have solutions for children. My grandfather's cousin is a lifter, and his wife, I call her grandma. They are rich in money. Although the person died, the family is still very good. My grandma is still alive. Her grandson died prematurely, so she poured all her love on me. She is one of the few people in Guanzhuang who can eat "white". She not only eats by herself, but also leaves me half or one-quarter white-faced buns every day. As soon as I opened my eyes every morning, I immediately jumped off the Kang to run towards the village. Our family lives outside the village. I ran to the grandmother and shouted crisply and sweetly: "Grandma!" She immediately couldn't laugh, closed her hands to the fat sleeves, took out a small piece of bun from her pocket, and handed it to me This is the happiest moment of my day.