In addition, I can occasionally eat a little "white", which I have earned in exchange for labor. In the summer wheat harvest season, our family has no wheat to harvest. The aunt and aunt of the Ning family who lived at the door—they were too poor to choke—brought me to “pick up wheat” in the rich villages of this village or other villages. The so-called "picking wheat" means that the long-term workers of other families have cut the wheat, and there will always be a little bit of wheat ears. These are not worth picking. We poor people will come to pick them. Because there will never be much left, we picked up for half a day, but not half of the basket, but for us, this has been like a treasure. My aunt and aunt must take special care of me. With a child of four, five, five or six years old, picking up one summer, they can also pick up ten pounds and eight pounds of wheat kernels. These were all rubbed out by my mother. In order to reward me, after the wheat season, my mother grinded the wheat into noodles, steamed it into steamed buns, or pasted it into a white noodle cake, which made me greedy. I was so happy.