The title was given by Miss Han Xiaohui, so the name is "Fu". But the article was made by me willingly, so it is not a bastard.Why am I willing to make such an article? In a nutshell, the topic was well-written, not only got my heart, but also got my heart first: I have long wanted to write such a thing.I have reached the nineth year. In the past seventy or eighty years, from the countryside to the city; from the country to the foreign country; from the elementary school, middle school, university to the foreign research institute; from "willing to learn" to more than "from the heart's desire", twists and turns, rough road. Not only walked through Yangguan Avenue, but also walked through the small wooden bridge; after passing "the mountains and rivers have no doubts," and "the village of Liuminghuaming". Joy and sorrow go hand in hand, disappointment and hope fly together, and my experience is too much. To say something regretful, it is everywhere. To choose the deepest, truest, and most memorable remorse, that is, permanent remorse, that is also at your fingertips, because it has not left my heart for a moment.